Patrick Garner Co., Inc. is proud to be a member of the JAVAD team, specializing in GNSS survey products. We use these products in our everyday work for high precision boundary surveying, as-builts, topo & environmental resource location.

JAVAD is American-made & produces the finest survey-grade GNSS receivers, period. If you are in the New England/NY area, call us.

What You Should Know

Part Two (Sept 2017)

The Javad Triumph-LS Rover

Screen Shot of LS

I first encountered the JAVAD GNSS system in late 2016 when the editor of American Surveyor asked me to review the innovative “J-Tip,” a JAVAD invention that replaces the traditional metal detector (a link to that article is provided above right). At that point I was sent a complete system--receiver, base and radio, along with the J-Tip.

Some months after I finished that assignment, I was asked to review the full GNSS system. On that second encounter with JAVAD’s system, this time in mid 2017, I fell in love with the amazing capabilities of this receiver. When I finished the second review for American Surveyor I approached JAVAD about representing them in New England.

--Patrick Garner


JAVAD GNSS equipment offers the highest performance at extremely competitive prices. There are several very attractive payment plans available to a qualified PLS. Please contact me for details.

As examples of JAVAD GNSS system costs, a RTN-CORS configured rover may be purchased for less than $13,000, while an RTK combination GPS/GLONASS rover, monopod, T-2 base, 1WT UHF radio modem (or SS radio modem) and accessories costs around $21,000. 

Please contact me for details on the many, many variations and upgrades that Javad offers.


The amazing J-Tip metal detector.

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